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Message from the President
CEO Speech
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秒速时时彩Dear leaders and friends from all sectors of society,

After decades of hard work, we Dongtai people based on integrity, achieved development with our practical spirit and hard work. Everything today, which is hard-won for us, cannot be separated from the strong support from governmental leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life. Hereby, on behalf of the staff of Dongtai, I express our thanks to you: thanks for your help all the way! As a Chinese saying goes, the favor of drop water should be rewarded with emerging font. We will always keep your grace in mind.

Keeping a foothold in China and positioning in the globe is the strategic thinking of Dongtai Group in the future.

Focusing on developing industry for human health is the constant craving of the whole staff of Dongtai.

秒速时时彩The Central Plains earth has profound cultural background, outstanding people, fine climate and favorable geographical position.

The road ahead will be long and our climb will be steep.

秒速时时彩In the new century, we coincide with the great opportunity of the developing and constructing the economic zone in central China. We Dongtai people will give full play to the regional advantage of “Back Yard Garden of Capital”, firmly seize the unlimited business opportunities by the development of one-hour economic circle in Zhengzhou, take the revitalization of national pharmaceutical industry on ourselves, advance with the times to carry out the second entrepreneurship in new age, and strive to create more brilliant national brands – Yiyuan and Baiyunfeng, so as to benefit humans and redound on the Central Plains earth who has raised me with more “bonus” gained from the development of Dongtai Group.  

秒速时时彩“To be steadfast and honest when manufacturing pharmaceuticals, to make friend when doing business” is our code of conduct. We are glad to make progress with friends at home and aboard, to reach the goal of century-old Dongtai and the world’s Dongtai.

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